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My Story

Hey, I’m Roxie, and I run a Family bakery in Minnesota! Everything I do with my bakery and gift shop, I do with love! 1 Corin. 16:14

Believe it or not, I started baking so that I could get into the food business!

I enjoy baking and it is a gift from God to me to help lift the spirits of others. I love when people enjoy what we bake!

I started this business in 2017, and it’s been slow, but we are now starting to get back into baking more seriously.

We do our best to use the finest ingredients for baking and offer gluten-free (only as a preference and not a necessity), because we do use gluten in our kitchen.

Something that makes us a little bit more special is that we do it together, as a family.

​Enjoy our Special Treats!!

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