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In their own words

Studio is black Owned Business
Studio is Woman Owned Business

Our Founder saw a need for Creative Campaign and Creative Brand needs
by solopreneurs, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits who had not a lot of
budget in their Marketing. Even though studio welcomes any kind of clients; studio specifically focuses on minority and women owned brands who are small to midsize Business and cultured communities.

First location existed before and second location was added last year. The new location is Daylight studio which brings all branding brightly to life. Studio has three sections (TCSMN Media, TCSMN Design Center, TCSMN Event Space) with subcategory sections (TCSMN Rentals, TCSMN Bridal, TCSMN 360, TCSMN PhotoBooths) All the main sections and subcategories are on the website menu, feel free to browse through.

Studio also educates clients on the marketing materials needs for their industry and offers “Creative Consulting” for Branding needs by clients. “Business Consulting” is for new Business owners that need help with their systems and software for their Business. All consulting done by our Creative Director.

Studio slowly continues to expand and will continue to add more to the business. Connect with Studio today by Emailing, Calling or Texting.

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  • Originally published on July 28th, 2022. Last updated on March 6th, 2023.