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At Women Who Influence, we are committed to making an impact by empowering women through learning opportunities, mentorship, partnerships creativity, & specifically film.

Who are we? We are a social and digital community that is mix of filmmakers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and all-around creative women who are passionate about making a difference for women, both individually and collaboratively. Those collaborative efforts are what make Women Who Influence. We are excited to work with you, to support you, in what you need to make your small business aspirations, creative dreams, and film visions come true.

Through our partnerships and summits, our extremely talented and incredibly passionate team will teach you what it is to be a “woman of influence.” You will be mentored by women who are experts in their field, will attend one-of-a-kind business workshops and panels, and will have the opportunity to speak with, uplift, and collaborate with likeminded women who desire to make a difference in their communities.

Create lasting friendships, be mentored by the best, cultivate new habits, and learn the skills that it takes to be Women Who Influence! Our team looks forward to meeting you and supporting you in your creative endeavors!

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  • Published on June 12th, 2023.