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We specialize in helping small business owners who are STRUGGLING with marketing & cash flow, but are SO PASSIONATE about their work, create an online home that turns their passion into consistent reliable cash flow even while they sleep. So they can stand out in their niche, work with dream clients, & grow a business that truly allows them to have more time for their families and themselves.

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In Uptown Minneapolis, Mn, Dre owns a salon suite called The Queendom MPLS. At The Queendom, She hosts most of her clients through a cooperative salon business model called Sisters Reflecting Beauty Cooperative. The Sister Reflecting Beauty Cooperative is a salon owned and regulated by its members who invest in The Queendom MPLS salon services and products. Through monthly investments, the cooperative supports The Queendom's business expenses in exchange for discounted services and other membership benefits. THE ARTIST Dre uses hair as her medium to convey new and evolved manifestations of her experiences as a Black Femme. Black referring to the identity of all people within the African diaspora and Femme as it describes a queer identity within the LGBTQIA community. To many outside Black culture, hair could be considered a unconventional medium. But Black people have been using hair as a tool of artistic expression since they were Africans. In Black, African, and other cultures of color, hair can signify ones age, social status, or religious affirmations. Dre’s art maintains this significance of expression, while illuminating textured hair’s supernatural...

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Wise Ink is a creative publishing agency for game-changers. We love publishing books. We've helped more than four hundred authors bring their ideas from manuscript to print and we learned a few things. We learned that authors need more. Authors need a strong platform, strategic marketing, top-notch editing, award-winning book design, and a creative team dedicated to helping you succeed beyond the book. Wise Ink was created to help you—the author with a big picture and the passion to prove it—change the world.

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Practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination and Harassment, Criminal Defense, Traffic, DWI's, Driver's License Reinstatement, Divorce, Custody, Modifications, Adult & Child Orders of Protection, Guardianships, Juvenile Justice, and Various Civil Matters. Rose also provides mediation services. She has completed the necessary training as a Qualified Neutral and assists parties with mediation for an early resolution.

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Criminal Defense Attorney If you’re charged with a crime, you deserve honest answers. Our proven track record, personal attention, and straightforward approach will ensure your best possible outcome.

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H. White Men's Room While technically a barbershop, this Black-owned space has become a go-to spot for style, conversation and specialty coffee from Peru and Columbia.

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Our diverse team of experienced attorneys and legal professionals delivers skilled legal counsel and exceptional services in a variety of areas of law, counseling, negotiation, mediation and litigation.

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VIP Hair and Nails is a full service hair and nail salon offering the best in service, styles, and styling products. With over 20 of operations, VIP stylists have loyal and satisfied customers spanning decades and an award winning nail service recognized as the Best of the Twin Cities. VIP Hair and Nails is a go-to salon for men and women seeking exceptional styling and the very best in cutting edge hair and nail care.

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Snug, modern counter serve offering Chinese & Cambodian fare for dine-in, takeout or delivery.

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