Here you will find the first-of-its-kind, centralized directory of Black business owners and entrepreneurs offering goods and services to the Minnesota community. Please share this directory with your family, friends and colleagues! And encourage Black business owners to request their free business listing.

It’s time to actively elevate Black wealth.

We are a trial firm committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence on behalf of our Fortune 500 clients.

 Law Firms / Attorneys /  Minneapolis

Minnesota-based TurnSignl is an on-demand, real-time service that provides 24/7 legal guidance from an attorney to drivers while their camera records the interaction. When drivers are stopped by law enforcement officers or involved in a car accident, they can access live video chat with an attorney at the press of…

 Law Firms / Attorneys /  Minnesota

Wendy’s House OF SOUL, Inc. provides food services and food products to members of communities all across Minnesota. The most known product is the signature SOULROLL invented by Wendy Puckett herself. With over 20+ years of catering and bartending experience under her belt, Wendy Puckett has garnished every SOULROLL with…

 Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars & Bakeries /  Minneapolis

Specialized Education and Mental Health Supports for BIPOC, Neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ Communities At SEL Academy, we understand the fundamental human need for acceptance and understanding. That’s why we are committed to providing valuable resources and support to help individuals thrive. Our platform offers a range of free educational resources focused…

 Education /  Minnesota

Building inspections ADA inspections Discreet inspections Due diligence

 Business & Professional Services /  Bloomington

Providing smart and savvy solutions. At Bell Bank Mortgage, we know that every home buyer has their own unique situation as they consider home ownership. We make it our mission to make home happen, with a wide array of loans and programs – and most importantly, the unequaled personal service…

 Architects, Builders & Realtors /  Minneapolis

We believe in delivering quality work that is tailored to your business objectives, and our websites are designed to be SEO-optimized and user-friendly to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

 Business & Professional Services /  Roseville

Quality childcare in a multicultural environment, where all children and families feel comfortable.

 Childcare /  Minneapolis

Taste our delicious sweet treats or Smell our fabulous fragrance oils. Explore our beautiful wig collection or Listen the best music maybe share your poetry as well. Select the perfect gift basket or let us help you design your own. Match up the hottest accessories to create the coolest outfits….

 Health & Beauty /  St. Paul

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