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We believe early-onset entrepreneurial experiences can widen economic horizons in education. Through our innovative and freely accessible programs, implemented in schools, libraries, and community settings, we empower kids and youth to launch ideas and embark on their entrepreneurial journeys in real-time. Reoccurring youth entrepreneurship fairs turn youth aspirations into real-time...
We are a values-based mental health organization offering outpatient and online therapy options to best meet your needs. We provide culturally informed therapy services for historically underserved and marginalized populations in the Twin Cities.
Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve optimal mental well-being. We approach each individual with empathy, respect, and cultural sensitivity, recognizing the uniqueness of their experiences and tailoring interventions accordingly.
We are a full-service insurance agency that is focused on providing best-in-class service with access to the industry’s top-rated insurance carriers and products.
Green Garden Bakery is an award winning youth-run business selling vegetable based desserts to the Minneapolis community. One third of the revenue generated by GGB is reinvested into the community. GGB empowers youth to voice what changes they'd like to see in their community.
FlowEsScents is a candle company that specializes in helping you curate a safe space of healing and peace at home or anywhere candles are enjoyed. FlowEsScents provides very sustainable products to our customers with our natural soy candles.
Soul wings, Hibiscus Punch, and more Though the St. Paul cafe location closed in February 2020, we are happy to announce that our product will be available online for delivery and in select retail stores (once they are open and safe) very soon. Heritage Tea & Beverage's signature products also...
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