Carlyle Creative Enterprises / DC Famous Presents

In their own words

D.C. Famous Presents provides professional production, promotional, and booking services. There is no venue that our team can’t turn into a show. I’ve done comedy shows Senior Assisted living homes, Public Library Storytelling, Emcee Festivals, and even humorously pitched for brands at trade shows.

D.C. Famous is a full encapsulated COMEDY ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. This means that I can provide almost everything needed to produce a highly entertaining comedy show. I can come with all or some of the elements such as stage, lighting, production audio, TV monitors, etc. And, it doesn’t stop there. In the spirit of constant evolution, future plans include a mobile trailer stage, portable bar, seating for audiences, oh and other details I can think of. It’s all because I want anyone that comes to a D.C. Famous Presents show is not just gonna feel like they got their money’s worth. You’re going to feel like you got over with what you paid, for what you got? That’s a promise.